September 3, 2016

Movie Sharing: Eddie the Eagle

Rio Olympics has recently ended and in connection to this, I just watched a movie about Winter Olympics – Eddie the Eagle. This is a true to life story of Eddie Edwards, an Olympic Ski Jumper.

Photo Source: OXSTU
Since the age of 10, Eddie wanted to participate in joining the Olympic games. He kept on practicing in various events but fails miserably.

On his teenage years, he gave up joining the Summer Olympics in exchange of skiing in the winter Olympics. Though he is good at it, he was rejected by the British Olympics officials. Because of it, ventures into another event – ski jumping since the country hasn’t participated in this event for 6 decades already.

He went to a training camp in Germany and self-trained. After having success in the 15-meter jump, he was injured on his first try in the 40-meter. Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) discouraged him in continuing his becoming Olympic Jumper but Eddie is full of spirit to fulfill his dream.

Eddie knew that Peary was a former Olympic champion and asked him to be his trainer. The 1988 Winter Olympics will start soon and Eddie needs to make just one jump to qualify for the said game. He landed on the 38 meters. However, the British Olympic officials decided to change the rule and need to jump at least 61 meters. This is to avoid Eddie from joining the team.

With full of determination, Eddie decided to continue his training. He landed exactly on 61 meters on the practice. Unfortunately, during the official game, Eddie falls and disqualified. He returned home with a feeling of devastated and decided to work for his father. One day, he receives a letter that his practice jump is a valid one making him eligible for the Winter Olympics.

Eddie talked Peary about the decision but he was discouraged to continue because he will make a complete fool of himself and his country if he continues. Still, with full of determination, Eddie decided to join the Winter Olympics.

He placed last in the 70-meter jump landed on 60.5-meter mark but this sets a new British record. He became famous and was known as “Eddie the Eagle”. He decided to make the 90-meter jump where he never tried before. Though he landed last, again he sets a new British record. He was cheered by millions of spectators around the globe. He was eventually accepted by the British Olympic officials afterward.

Though he didn’t win a medal in the Winter Olympics, he received a heroes welcome as he returned home.

The movie shows us that if you dream of something, always keep the determination on fire and never give-up.

By the way, I like one of the songs played in the movie entitled Jump by Van Halen. This is the song played when Peary made the 90-meter jump. Listening to such song using a nice audio system will definitely make you dance with the music. It is better to use speakon cables to make the audio quality better.

Have you watched this movie too?