October 14, 2016

Stay Sweet but Less with Sugar Blend

Weeks ago, I received a package from unknown and I was surprised to open the box containing these items:

Sugar Blend

Sugar Blend is the newest product of Merisant Company, a global leader for table-top sweeteners. They are also the manufacturer of Equal, Canderel, and Pure Via.

From the press release:

Based on the 2016 Food Consumption Survey by the Food and NutritionResearch Institute of Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), sugar rank fifth I the top 20 most commonly consumed food products in Filipino Households. With this in mind and along with the conscious effort to deliver more value to consumers, MErisant has come up with a versatile and affordable sweetener product that can go a long way in terms od providing healthy sweetness to your everyday food and drinks.

The new Sugar Blend can be used for baking, cooking, and sweetening, but uses half amount compared to the sweetness of table sugar and even half with calories. It is made with sugar and a high-intensity sweetener called sucralose. For one tablespoon of Sugar Blend, it can give an equivalent sweetness of 2 tablespoons of table sugar.

Sugar Blend works well with all types of desserts as well as other everyday dishes where a sweetness is needed. It can be used to replace sugar in beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and all kinds of juices and refreshments.

I can’t wait to try Sugar Blend in my baking activities.