October 28, 2016

Our Home Renovation Plan 2016

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Mommy and I have been meaning to have another home renovation. So last Sunday we went to the nearest mall to start shopping for the stuff we need. We will start with re-painting our interior walls so we bought paints and paint tools. (Read: Sunday Fun Date with Daddy A and Matthew)

It was just a quick trip because of lack of time. Oh yes, that's the main reason why until now we are not yet done with our home renovation that we planned early this year. It is not a major renovation but we will start with wall re-painting in the kitchen and living room. Mommy and I are talking about new interior design for our small living room.

Our Living Room with Matthew

The arrangement will not be completed if bedroom will be excluded. We are eyeing for a bed frame especially when Matthew needs to sleep in a separate room. Of course, the new mattress is needed and I saw one on Groupon Goods.

Not only mattress or things for a room or entire house renovation can be seen there but fashion and accessories, health and beauty, sports and leisure, groceries and pet products, and electronics and gadgets as well. 

There so many things to do and buy but we lack time because of our daily work. Good thing online shopping is invented. I can shop while I am at work or at home. It's not just about convenience because you can also get good online deals from site like Groupon.

What is your experience with Groupon?