January 31, 2017

My 2016 DIY Projects

I was supposed to share how our December 2016 was but Mommy had already shared how we spend the Christmas and New Year 2017. Instead, I just want to share what made me busy during the Holiday Season break.

Aside from the painting job I made at home, there are some DIY projects I finished just before the year 2016 ends.

First is the TV Rack. I used plyboard painted using the Davies Aqua Gloss It paint, mounted on the wall and fixed the wall bracket. The TV looks bigger as well as the living room.

The TV mounted on the wall
I just bought a speaker with a subwoofer which I will use when watching movies. The two satellite speakers were also mounted on the wall (not yet in the photo) while the subwoofer unit was placed on below the TV.  For a larger home entertainment sound system, guitarcenter.com has monitor stands to hold satellite speakers.

Second is the kitchen organizer rack. This is made from scrap woods. I used popsicle sticks as railings to prevent what is placed from falling.
Kitchen Rack Organizer
The third DIY is the wine/liquor rack and wine glass holder. Same with the kitchen racks, scrap woods were used in this item. Papa helped me in the finishing the wine glass holder.
Wine Rack and Wine Glass Holder
There are still some things to be done at home like the cabinet doors in the kitchen, painting of  bedrooms and comfort rooms as well as the exterior of the entire house. Wheeew!

By the way, with all of these, do you think I deserve this Holiday Gift?

Trax Orbitrac
I'll share my review on this soon.

That's all for now.

What made you busy during the holiday season?