February 6, 2017

When the "SUN" Sets

Two weeks ago, while driving on my way home, a message popped on my phone saying that my SIM was not recognized by the network. I pulled over the checked what happened to my phone.

My “almost” 10-year-old Sun SIM has finally given up. I tried some troubleshooting steps hoping to fix the problem.

Reboot the phone.Nothing happened.
Since my phone is a dual sim, I tried placing the SIM card into the other slot. Wala.
Change the network setting. Wala pa din.

I just focused myself on driving and listen to acoustic music that sounds great with M F orange crush amp until I reached home. I placed the SIM card into three difference phones but none gave a positive response.

Then I called the customer service to ask help about the problem. The same steps above were asked by the customer representative for me .to do. Again, not successful.

I was advised to go to the nearest Sun Cell shop to seek help. Upon seeing my SIM the initial reaction of the customer service representative was “Ay, prepaid pala.!”

The same troubleshooting steps were made and as expected, the SIM is not recovered.

I was told that since my phone is a prepaid, all I need is to buy a new SIM. They do not have any access daw with prepaid subscribers.

I asked if they can give me a sim replacement having the same number.

I know in some network provider, for instance, SMART, you can ask for a SIM replacement using the same number. However, this method is only applicable to SUN postpaid only.

What did I learn from this?

Always have backup storage for contacts.
All of my contacts were saved on the SIM. Now, all of my contacts were erased and will not be recovered. Saving all your contacts in phone device or have is sync in your email account will do a great work in case you will encounter the same trouble as mine.

Never used Sun Cellular SIM as recovery phone on your e-mails.
This is applicable with prepaid lang naman. All of my emails were linked to my Sun number. Buti na lang I haven’t log-out on my computer except for the company email assigned to me.

Now I cannot access my company email. Though I am still logged on my phone, yun na lang muna ginagamit ko. But this gives me a hassle. I need to download or forward the important files to my other email first before downloading on my computer.

Do not use Sun number as you contact info on bank and credit cards.
Again this is applicable to prepaid. My bank accounts, as well as credit cards, were using the SUN number as my contacts. Now, I need to call or visit the bank to update my contact information. Daming hassle di ba?

I am not saying that SUN is not a good choice. Actually, my new SIM is still with the said network. I am just sharing my experience.

Do you experience the same as I with Sun or other network?