April 21, 2017

Facing the Impossible

Earlier, I told Mommy that I have this feeling of being overwhelmed with my work.

I have been handling the same department on most of our processing plant here in North  Luzon. The most recent is a rendering plant in Bataan and another plant will soon rise in Tarlac. Wheew!

I am already thinking how my weekly schedules are to cover all these plants in one week. Mommy told me that I must be grateful for these and I should never complain about my work.

Look to this as another opportunity rather than an additional task.

As I read today's reading in Our Daily Bread about facing the impossible, I got inspired.

I need not worry about what I will be facing in the future even if seems impossible to deal with.

HE will always find ways just put all your trust in HIM.

Nothing is impossible with the Lord!