April 17, 2017

Our Week Long Vacation

Actually, it is not a long week since we officially started our vacation on Thursday. We spent it in our hometown.

Matthew was already there right since March because their school started their vacation earlier.

We still have worked on Wednesday. Mommy and I traveled right after our work.

The travel is smooth except for the traffic in some towns that are having prusisyon. Baliwag and San Ildefonso are just two of them that we need to take a detour just to stay away from the traffic.

We departed Sta. Maria, Bulacan at 6 PM and reached Nueva Ecija at 12 midnight. I felt sleepy already which make our travel three stop-overs to perk me up.

During our stay in our home town, I did several things that I missed.

Eating with bare hands is a must when you have these food served for breakfast or lunch.
I got an opportunity to cook pinapaitang baka too.

Tahong or mussels is definitely great.
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On Friday, there is "Stations of the Cross" along the main streets of our Alma Mater. We decided to wake up early to join the said activity. Unfortunately, Matthew is not feeling well.

We just take a stroll in one of the places I missed visiting - "Lingap Kalikasan Park" or once known as "Little Baguio". There are more trees now compared before making the place looks like a forest without wild animals.

Here are some photos:


We also make a short stop in CLSU Lagoon and feed the fishes.

And Rizal Park.

This is my favorite part of the vacation. Having a sleep of 6-8 hours without worrying about something is definitely great. A perfect time to recharge and prepare for the upcoming week. Just like what Mommy said in one of her posts. 

“It was a well-spent break from work. No swimming, no outing. But full rest and sleep, and quiet time with the family. Now we are recharged and ready for more work.”

And since Matthew is not feeling well, talagang pahinga.
By the way, here are other photos taken during our stroll in CLSU.  These pictures were framed using ASUS Selfie Phone.

CLSU Tower

"Chinese Temple"

Lingap Kalikasan Park

On our way home, we encounter series of traffic. At this point listening to upbeat music either new or old remixed by famous DJ's using special gadgets like dj controllers check it out at GuitarCenter is a nice way to ease the boredom.

Our travel time going back home is a bit shorter than previous.

How did you spend your week-long vacation?