May 1, 2018

What Are Some Benefits Of Vitamin C Skin Care?

Vitamin C is known to be a powerful immune booster, but it is also very good for your skin. Whether you are using a Vitamin C serum or cream, this amazing vitamin can bring plenty of benefits to your skin care routine.

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Anti-Oxidant Protection
Whether ingested or applied topically, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. Our skin cells are constantly under attack by free radicals which result from pollution, UV exposure and even our own cellular metabolism. Anti-oxidants help change free radicals into their more harmless form.

Reparative Properties
Vitamin C is a popular ingredient in many skin serums due to its ability to regenerate damaged cells. Our skin cells are constantly changing and shedding, but a damaged cell will not be as good at functioning and replacing itself as a healthy cell. Fortunately, Vitamin C can fight damage by helping encourage natural cellular repair processes.

Recent studies have shown that Vitamin C has significant anti-inflammatory properties. This allows Vitamin C to be a powerful soothing agent for irritated skin, making this important Vitamin particularly helpful for inflamed or sunburned skin.

Melanin Balance
Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color. While each person has a different concentration of melanin, this pigment can be overproduced by skin cells due to sun damage causing dark spots on the skin. Vitamin C helps taper melanin production and fight the appearance of sun spots.

Versatile and Compatible
Vitamin C is compatible with a variety of other vitamins, minerals and compounds that are found in healthcare. You can find Vitamin C combined with Matrixyl 3000, a powerful wrinkle fighting ingredient, or hyaluronic acid, a well-known hydrating agent.

Whether you need to soothe skin or want extra sun protection, Vitamin C is a great addition to your beauty routine.