August 4, 2018

Is Talkspace Changing The World Of Therapy?

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Talkspace is very bold and innovative idea that promises to help people via texting method, functioning as an online therapy platform. But how successful is this project? More importantly, how effective is it? And why is the app partnered with Michael Phelps? Let's find out!

A Text Therapy App?

Talkspace app is an online therapy text-based platform founded on the idea of making therapy available for everyone, everywhere and at any time. The idea behind it is fundamentally simple: you create an app, get a lot of smart and certified/licensed therapist and connect them with people who are in need of their services.

Keep in mind that the goal of the Talkspace app is not to replace traditional, in-office treatment. No; the purpose of this app is to provide help to those who can't afford conventional methods of treatments, as well as to provide relief to those who prefer treatment in their home environment rather than in offices or dispensaries.

What's With The Michael Phelps?

What is the relationship between Michal Phelps, a professional swimmer, and an online therapy app? In 2014 Michal Phelps had everything. At that time, he was one of the worlds most successful athletes and arguably the most successful swimmer in the history of humankind. Up until then, he had won 18 gold medals; he was the embodiment of American Dream.

On the surface, Michael was the guy that had everything. In reality, Michael had locked himself in a room, depressed and anxious. He didn't sleep nor eat, and the only thing he contemplated was the idea of killing himself. After realizing that he won't be able to deal with the burden of depression on his own, he sought help; the decision to seek help ultimately saved his life.

Due to his experience with depression and anxiety, Phelps partnered with Talkspace in the hope that his shared story will encourage other people to react promptly and not to let themselves get into the position he was in. Michael also did a commercial, which you can watch here!

Recent Developments
Talkspace is an active voice and a fighter for human rights. They joined #Metoo campaign which was a collective response to all the sexual harassment scandals that have been coming out over the past couple of years.

One New Version article pointed out that the app took the fight beyond the #Metoo campaign. They put the focus on victims, advocating that it is essential to talk about these issues but that it is even more important to help victims cope with their emotions and heal from their traumatic experience.

Licensed professionals that are partnered with Talkspace app point out the severity and seriousness of such traumatic experiences, emphasizing the importance of overcoming of guilt and shame, the two most frequent emotions victims feel after having experienced such horrible things (according to one GcReport article.)

Most recently, the company announced its partnership with the New Directions Behavioral Health with the purpose of giving more people a chance to receive the help they need. Thanks to this new partnership, New Directions clients will now be able to reach a therapist via the Employee Assistance Program.