August 24, 2018

Teaching Kids the Responsibility with QUBO

A few months ago Mommy received a package from Friso. Aside from the product, another box was included in the package - a QUBO kit.
Qubo,, genovese basil

The kit contains a paper pouch of fertilized soil, a small pouch of stone grits, a mini glass bottle of organic fertilizer, a tiny glass bottle containing the Genovese Basil seeds, and a small pot made of coconut husk.

I told our Matthew gwapito to do the planting and it will be his task to take care of it as the plant grows.

With this, it is not only teaching him to do the proper way of planting but also let him know the word RESPONSIBILITY.

Let Matthew teach you how to plant using QUBO kit with this short video.

Qubo,, genovese basil

Once there are already four leaves appeared, put about 2-3 pieces of organic fertilizer once a month. 

After two months, here is the Genovese Basil.

Matthew and I were planning to transfer some of the seedlings into a larger pot.

If you are interested to have your own plant from QUBO, you can visit their website at There are other plants that you can choose aside from the Genovese basil.

Have you tried planting using QUBO kits?