October 17, 2018

TeenSafe As a Method to Protect Kids

It’s no secret that technology has changed our world. The internet and smartphones have brought us closer together and given us access to information that would have been unthinkable before. It’s great, but there’s also some not so great stuff on the internet, especially for kids. Even though our son is not old enough yet to have his own phone, I’m already thinking about how to introduce him to all the good stuff technology can give us, while keeping him from the harmful stuff as much as possible. A friend of mine recommended the phone monitoring service TeenSafe and after giving it a look, it seems like a really good option for keeping kids safe. I wanted to give a quick rundown of the service for those interested.

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Message and call features

One of the big things I worry about with smartphones is that our son will come into contact with the wrong kind of people. It’s sad but true that there are plenty of people online who are seeking to prey on unsuspecting children. After they’ve established a relationship of trust, they’ll often move communications to text messaging to achieve their goals. The monitoring service allows parents to see both received and sent texts and even gives access to deleted texts. It also gives access to phone call logs to see incoming and outgoing calls.

The service also gives parents the ability to view messages sent via third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Kik. This can be really useful because a lot of times people will prefer to not use texts as apps can provide more anonymity. Monitoring these types of communications can give another line of defense against unwanted contact.

Location tracking

This is another important one for me. As my son takes more and more steps towards independence, I want to support him while also knowing that he is safe. Being able to view his location, and a map of where he’s been, allows me to know that he’s not getting into trouble. If I see he’s in an unknown place or a place he shouldn’t be, it would be an opportunity to chat with him about the importance of communication and respecting boundaries.

Website history viewing

I want my son to explore the world and a big part of that exploration can come from exploring the internet, which I support. But realistically there are a lot of websites that I don’t want my son seeing, as they can have explicit content. Being able to see what sites he’s visiting again provides an opportunity to talk about what he’s viewing and to make sure he’s keeping his online exploration as safe as can be expected.

Using a phone monitoring service can be a really great tool for parents who want to encourage their kids to use technology in a safe and productive way. After checking out its features and reviews, TeenSafe is the one I’ll be using when the time comes. If you’re worried about the potential harm that could come from access to technology, give the service a look and think about if it may be right for you.

More about TeenSafe at www.teensafe.com/blog