October 5, 2018

The Benefit of Installing a Severe Weather Tracker

This is the time of the year we will be experiencing bad weather condition with thunderstorms, plenty of rain, and even floods in low lying areas. Local authorities have set up flood monitoring teams to be on the standby in case there is flooding and to be available to evacuate those affected.

In the preparation and anticipation of thunderstorms, big trees are being trimmed to protect the community and properties and drains are being cleared to prevent flooding in times of heavy rainfalls. Bad weather conditions are expected in many areas especially those within the paths of typhoons actively making their way across the globe.

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As members of the public, especially those staying in flood prone areas, etc. it is our responsibility to stay updated on the weather conditions and keep ourselves tuned in to any warning alerts by our local Meteorological Department when a warning signal is being picked up by the severe weather tracker. When the alert warning is released, there will be ample time for the evacuation work to be carried out to get those affected to a safe place.

For those who are staying in remote areas that are prone to flooding or areas that are exposed to severe weather conditions, an outdoor weather tracking system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology will be needed. It can be used to alert the community with outdoor warning sirens in times of approaching danger, and also by sending out lightning-strike alerts, emails and text alerts to recipients.

The severe weather tracker system comes equipped with a built-in battery backup and are made up of professional-grade components which are virtually maintenance free. These outdoor weather trackers are built for outdoor installation with a fully integrated indoor control unit which contains a loud internal speaker with an adjustable volume level to alert personnel inside. It can be wall-mounted or can be placed on a desktop to provide control buttons for users.

Users are able to configure hours of operation, lightning-strike distance, and alert duration. The system is equipped with a real-time dashboard displaying the current alert status information such as connection, active, last stroke time, distance, and a countdown clock with the estimated time to All Clear. This type of outdoor alerting system is necessary for schools, universities, big organizations, and etc.