December 5, 2018

Family Day on a Holiday

How’s your day?

Last November 30 was a holiday and supposed to be Matthew’s field trip. Unfortunately, it was postponed early next year.

So patch the day, Mommy and I went to work together with Matthew. Since it was a holiday, we just stayed at work until lunchtime and watched a movie – Ralph Breaks the Internet.

We reached the cinema at 1 pm and the movie will start at 1:05. Instead of taking our lunch first, we went straight to the cinema. I just bought something to eat inside the movie house.

Matthew was very quiet while watching the movie and really looks enjoying it.

The movie is really good not only for kids and kids at heart.

After watching the movie, we take a short visit to World of Fun before proceeding to the grocery to buy our weekly needs.

Here is one of Matthew's favorite spot, the video games. We allowed him to play just one game. He is already happy and did not complain about it.

I just realized that I really need to know how to play different sports

Just like this one.

I really don’t play basketball, but I need to learn at least how to throw the ball into the basket. Hahaha.

How did you spend your holiday?