December 27, 2018

Pole Buildings as Vacation Homes: How to Build One in Michigan

Ask a local living in Michigan since day one of his life and he might stoke it a bit when it comes to the state’s long list of surprises for visiting tourists. A mixture of urban, historical sites, and nature, Michigan holds a plethora of fun activities for the whole family. From chill lakeside picnics to mind-blowing rides at the amusement parks, the state won’t run short with fun and entertainment suitable for each member of the family.

Mom and dad would love culinary, brewery or wine tasting tours. The kids would love learning about wild animals at the zoo or about marine life by visiting the oceanarium. You may also give your kids an outdoor historical class by exploring some lighthouses. Or perhaps, an idyllic day at the farm would give everyone an opportunity to relax and unwind. Check out tons of ideas about things to do in Michigan on this site.

To have an eventful vacation in Michigan, one has to stay for some days, even a week or so. Tourists, especially those travelling with their young children need a comfortable vacation home. So, whether you’d like to build a vacation home in Michigan for yourself or offer it to visiting tourists for them to rent during their stay, you can be sure that either would be a great idea. You can even build a vacation home for both purposes.

You may be wondering what kind of home structure you may build for a vacation house. If you’re aiming for something sturdy, airy, yet budget-friendly and easy to build, why not consider coming up with a pole building? Below, we outline some of the steps you can do to build one.

Find Your Ideal Location
First on your list: Find your most favorite place in Michigan. It could be near a lake, shore, or in a farm. Wherever it is that you choose, you don’t have to worry whether a pole barn would be suitable for the location. After all, pole buildings are pretty versatile. You can build them anywhere. Read more on the advantages of pole barn homes:

Visualize Your Design
A vacation home should be inviting, light, airy, and spacious. It should be a place where you can have peace of mind, a place that allows you to live an idyllic lifestyle for a while. That is, at least, the general rule to keep in mind when envisioning your ideal vacation home. Other than that, feel free to give your pole barn some personality. And what better way is there to do that than to get inspiration from your own interests, beliefs, principles, and lifestyle? If you’re creating a vacation home for tourists, you might as well add a hint of Michigan’s unique hallmarks and local culture.

Find a Reliable Contractor Around the Area
Hire a reliable contractor that serves Michigan to ensure the quality and stability of your pole building. Of course, it’s not easy to trust just anyone. So, shop around. Look up companies online. Check reviews. Talk to the potential contractors themselves and their current clients. Also, be sure to check a contractor’s experience on building pole barns. Ask for portfolio. Take note too that it’s best to hire a company that specializes on this type of structure.

Communicate Your Ideal Pole Barn Structure with Your Contractor
Whatever structure you’re aiming to build, it’s always best to be hands-on during the entire duration of the project, from the design process, to the actual construction, down to the finishes and final embellishments. Reliable contractors such as Zelinski Brothers Inc would give you advice and tips about your ideal pole barn structure. They would be ready to get to know your ideal design.

Get Necessary Building Permits
Now that you have a design and contractor ready, secure the necessary building permits in your area. Always review the local planning regulations and building requirements in the city and community you’re looking to build your vacation home.

Whether you stumbled upon a lakeside property or a farm in Michigan and you fell in love in an instant, go ahead and build your pole barn. It’s an ideal building for any terrain. It offers a great structure suitable for vacation homes. And yes, it’s not too difficult to find a reliable and experienced contractor who will take care of the building process from start to finish.