December 4, 2020

4 Hallmarks of a High-Quality After School Program

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If you're a working parent, chances are your day doesn't end at three or four o'clock like your child's day does. Like many parents, you might be considering one of the many after school programs Tampa has to offer. While you might think that any program will do the trick, consider evaluating potential programs by looking for four different characteristics.

Academic Support
An ideal after school program will have structured homework support for students. Look for a program that includes daily supervised time for students to complete assignments or study — even better if the program provides teens, adults or even trained tutors to help students complete their best work.

Enrichment Activities
A good after school program should also include plenty of options for students to have a little fun after their homework is complete. Depending on your child's interests, ask if programs offer sports, art or extracurricular classes (like dance or cooking) to fill students' time after schoolwork is done.

Social Support
Budding friendships can be challenging in the elementary and middle school years, so look for programs that have a plan in place to support students' relational and emotional growth. This might be informal, such as peer-to-peer social support, or might take the form of formal instruction on emotional intelligence and social strategies. Either way, a good program should make considerations for how it will meet students' emotional and relational needs.

Logistical Support
Finally, a good after school program should provide the necessary logistics to support parental needs. Be sure to ask about bus schedules and available hours to ensure a program is the right fit for your family.

Whatever program you consider, be sure to ask lots of questions up front. Your child deserves the best, and the peace of mind you'll have knowing you've made an informed choice for him or her is totally priceless.

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