December 1, 2020

Puppy Training Tips

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Puppies are the cutest things until they pee on your carpet. Although you shouldn’t expect to house train a dog in one day, there are ways to make the process as speedy as possible. Consistency, praise, patience and the proper supplies are key.

In the beginning, keep your dog confined to a particular area. It doesn’t have to be crate, but make sure there are limits to where he can roam. Place an old shower curtain or other plastic tarp on the floor and cover this with newspaper. This will help you avoid having to deal with urine removal Turnersville NJ on your carpet. Make sure the area is fairly large so it will be hard for your puppy to miss the paper.

When your pup does his business on paper, shower him with praise. Promptly clean it up and replace the area with fresh paper. Don’t forget to take your doggie on walks too. Praise him extra hard if he goes on the grass but don’t expect this every time.

After the first couple days of paper training, begin to shrink your puppy’s available potty space. If he seems to like a particular corner of the room, make sure you keep that area well covered. Every few days, decrease the space until you have your puppy trained to go on a square. Slowly, slowly scootch this square of paper closer and closer to the door. Continue to heap praise on your puppy when he goes outside.

If you’re very consistent with meal and walk times, your dog should be reasonably trained in four to six months. If this seems like a long time, remember that we change human baby diapers for two to three years and many children continue to wet the bed until they’re nine or ten. Dogs generally want to please you, so stay steady and keep the praise coming.

Housebreaking a puppy is definitely a time commitment. If you stick with it in the beginning though, you’ll both be much happier in the long run.

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