February 3, 2021

How To Take Control Of Your Patio Or Porch Again

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How many times have mosquitos been the cause of you retreating back indoors away from your patio or porch? Maybe the frequency of rainstorms makes it difficult to find solace while sitting on your patio after a day of work. There is only so much that citronella candles and outdoor canopies can do! Don’t let pests or the elements dictate how and when you use your porch or patio space! Take control of this part of your backyard so you always have a place to have relax, reflect, talk with friends, and whatever else you’d like to do. One of the best ways you can do this is by building an enclosure for your patio or porch.

Building A Patio or Porch Enclosure
The first step is to consider enclosing your patio or porch space. This may seem like a grand task, but with the help of a handy spouse or contractor, you can build a sizable enclosure that has all the features you could want inside. The idea is that your enclosure will be designed to use window screens to allow you to get all the fresh air and sunshine you could want from inside the space. Take a look at your local government’s zoning restrictions before choosing a builder. If you plan to do this on your own, it’s still wise to ensure your plans fall within legal requirements. Unsure this is the right course of action? Consider the benefits, including the following:
  • An enclosure will provide additional privacy for you and your family.
  • You will be protected from the elements (rain, wind, snow, etc.)
  • Allows your porch or patio to be used throughout the year
  • Becomes a unique space to decorate with furniture, décor, and greenery

Why Should I Use Window Screens?
Window screens offer a plethora of benefits that once you experience, you’ll never want to go without! If you have windows installed without window screens, you really aren’t fully addressing your insect issues. Though the windows will keep them out, you won’t be able to open them without risking a few pests coming inside! With porch screen panels, you can leave your new enclosure’s windows open without fear of mosquitos, gnats, flies, or other nuisance insects from intruding in your space. You can use aluminum window screen material, which is an excellent choice when combatting pests. It cannot be chewed up like fiberglass and can last up to 30 years when left undisturbed. Window screens also provide additional daytime privacy with the tight knit weave of the metal. You will have full visibility looking out, but bystanders will not be able to look in. You can easily customize the size, wire color, and hardware you need to suit your aesthetic and functional needs. With patio or porch screen panels, you can take advantage of the summer sun, the crispness of fall mornings, and the sounds of rain falling. If you have a pool in your backyard, the enclosure can serve as your space to get out of the sun, for the kids to have a snack, or your place to relax as you keep an eye on them in the pool.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the decorative possibilities for your enclosed patio or porch. With the additional of window screens, you can let in as much fresh air as you’d like, so adding greenery is a great idea. Vibrant green potted plants will add tons of character to your enclosure, as will outdoor couches and chairs. Since what you have inside isn’t at risk of being damaged by the elements, you can really design it however you’d like! Maybe you want it to look like a getaway oasis or prefer an upscale, modern look. Add things like rugs, tables, wall décor, and whatever else you deem right for your new patio enclosure.

Overall, you’ll be surprised at how useful and functional enclosing your patio or porch can be. While it may feel costly during the building process, it will pay for itself when you’re able to use it throughout every season. Plus, should you ever move, it becomes a selling highlight for potential buyers! Enclosing your porch or patio will allow you to take full control over this fantastic space in your backyard, so you’ll never be subjected to the swarms of insects, storms, or nosy neighbors again.

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