February 10, 2022

Key Features of White Aluminum

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White aluminum windows are the most common type in residential homes because they look aesthetically pleasing on the outside of the home. However, they also offer great insulation to keep warm in cold weather and out heat in warm weather. This keeps heating and cooling costs down, a big plus for homeowners. White aluminum windows also offer a high level of security because they allow you to see your outside garden in its entirety without compromising safety issues. The following are key features of white aluminum used in windows.

Improved Thermal Performance
Aluminum is a solid metal at room temperature. It has a high thermal mass and can store heat from the sun or appliances and then release that energy into space. One square foot of aluminum window reflects over 13 BTUs into the room.

Fire Resistance
Aluminum is used worldwide in construction. This is due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and durability, which give aluminum windows good fire resistance ratings without sacrificing aesthetics or structural integrity. White aluminum St. Lucie alloy window frames can remain as strong as steel after a major fire. The frames do not melt much, over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

White Finish
The color of aluminum is another major benefit for using it in the window industry. Aluminum colors are bright, shiny, and evenly colored throughout the thickness of the material. Like a sheet, plate, and coil product, white aluminum has a bright white finish that does not require painting or coating to provide aesthetic benefits. Therefore, there is no need for repainting or maintenance to maintain the white finish.

Exists in Many Forms
White aluminum comes in many different forms for window applications. White anodized alloy is a corrosion-resistant material used in various building and construction applications. It has all the strength and durability of standard anodized aluminum without any color and holds up well when exposed to weather elements.

White aluminum windows help keep the outside of the home cooler and reduce air conditioning costs even more than they already has been. This is because white reflects UV light, which your walls and furniture would otherwise absorb. It also protects these items from fading because now they are hidden from direct sunlight.

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