February 27, 2022

7 Types of Air Compressors Useful for Your Business

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Air compressors can be one of the most useful tools available when you need extra power for tools. Pneumatic tools, paint sprayers, nailers and other tools use air compressors to complete projects in a timely manner. Here are seven different types of compressors that can be handy on a construction site and other job sites.

This type of farm and fleet air compressor uses a piston to displace air. They are compact, which makes them useful for hand tools. The noise can be loud, but for short jobs, they are extremely useful.

Constructed with rows of blades inside a shaft, the air is compressed more as it passes through each level. This type of compressor is often used for pumping because of the constant rate of compression and the energy efficiency.

For sites that need to meet environmental requirements, the scroll compressor is a good choice. It produces clean air, is quiet and is easy to maintain.

Rotary Screw
When you need a heavy-duty compressor, the rotary screw can meet your needs. It works continuously and is extremely durable. It does require more maintenance than some of the other options.

Instead of using oil for lubrication, this type of compressor has a built-in lubricant on the moving parts. It produces cleaner air and typically produces low noise levels.

Useful for powering heavy machinery, the centrifugal compressor draws air in from the outside to power the impeller. They can operate continuously, making them useful for longer jobs.

This durable type of compressor has a chamber filled with oil that is used to lubricate moving parts. They are durable but can have the potential of leaking oil, which can lead to contaminated air.

The type of compressor you use depends on the equipment you need to power and how environmentally friendly your job site needs to be.

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