June 15, 2022

Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter: A Short Review

We had our dream car 4 years ago but it was only now I am sharing insights with the Toyota Commuter which we named “Atoy”. I am not sharing the main specifications like engine, under chassis, etc. I will just share more of its physical attributes.

We availed the Atoy through Auto Loan. If you wanted to know how much will be needed to own a Toyota commuter, including the monthly amortization,  you can visit the bank or car dealer near you.

Large Seating Capacity
Toyota Commuter can accommodate up to 15 passengers.

When we purchased it, Kuya Matthew used to occupy the first row. He placed a pillow and comfortably lie down. When our bunsoy Aiden arrived, he was the one occupying the second row thru the car seat. Sitting beside him is Mommy while Kuya already occupies the passenger seat in front.

Having a large capacity vehicle is important to us since we have our bunsoy. Whenever we travel and spend our vacation in Nueva Ecija, we can bring all the things needed like the stroller, high chair seat, and even the bathtub for him.

Comply with the COVID-19 Guidelines
One of the requirements during the height of the pandemic is the social or physical distancing in both public transportation and private vehicle. Since Atoy is spacious, the minimum health guidelines are being met. We can still accommodate up to 10 people during our travel.

Can Climb High Slopes With Ease.
The first place with a steep slope we visited is the Monasterio in Tarlac. The place is located on top of the mountain and I thought Atoy will have difficulty in climbing the steep road. However, we reached the place at 3rd or 4th gear with ease.

Then, we re-visited Monasterio with a full passenger (15 people). Still the same, the engine is running between 3rd and 4th gear at slopes without hesitations.

Removable Seats
The seats are detachable and you can remove several rows if needed. This will accommodate more stuff especially if there are only a few passengers on board.

Last time, we were able to contain a 16 cubic foot refrigerator by removing the two last rows and traveling around 100 kilometers.

High Platforms
One of the problems during rainy days is the temporary flooding in low-lying areas. One time, we went to need to buy stuff. However, on our way to the grocery heavy rain pours. One of the roads is already submerged in water. Without a second thought, we managed to pass the flooded area. The water is just half of the tire deep and did not reach the possible entry of water.

Here are more of the specifications for the Toyota Hi-ace Commuter.

Dimension: 4,695mm x 1,695mm x 1,980mm
Wheelbase: 2,570mm
Seating Capacity: 15
Engine type: 4-cylinder L Type
Engine Displacement: 2,982cc
Maximum Output: 136ps/3400rpm
Minimum Torque: 300nm/1,200-2,400mm
Fuel Capacity: 70 Liters
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual (Dash-Mounted)
Front Brake/Rear Brake: Ventilated Discs/Drums
Tires: 195R 15C
Wheel Size: 6JJ x 15”

You can visit Toyota Showrooms if you want to see the Hi-Ace commuter. You can also check the bestselling Toyota models.

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