September 16, 2021

Reminiscing the CLSU Intramurals

My alma mater recently announce to offer a graduate course in Chemistry – Master of Science in Chemistry. This caught my attention and immediately inquire about the said graduate program. Since we are still in the pandemic, all classes will be online. Because of this, I decided to take the course. The class officially started on September 13, 2021.

Studying at CLSU makes me reminisce about some of the important events during my undergraduate. One of those is the Intramurals.

This weeklong event happens during the first semester gives break to student from their academics and show their skills in sports.

CLSU Athletic Field during vacation

The event usually starts with a parade of the athletes wearing their respective uniforms composed of collegiate shorts and jerseys. It is followed with an openning program where the torch lighting is conducted at the atheltic field.

I heard that in the recently held CLSU Intramurals, different units have alredy their own name and logo that best represents their respective college. This logo are printed in their uniforms like the HBCU Shorts Collection.

Different colleges battles for medals in various sporting events like ball games, swimming, track and field events, chess, and not to forget the showcase of each unit’s muses bagging for the Miss and Mister Intramurals.

The Bleacher
The majority of the events happens on the athletic field. The bleacher is where the expectators go to watch the different games happening simultaneously. By the way, the bleacher is not only used during intramurals but also a venue for holding some classes and term examinations.

However, if you wanted to focus on a specific event, you need to stay under the scorching heat of the sun because ball games like basketball and volleyball are located in an open area. Be sure to have your umbrella with you all the time.


Swimming events happen in the CLSU Swimming Pool while indoor games like badminton and sepak takraw happen in the CLSU gymnatorium.

I know that many things in the Intramurals have changed since I left CLSU 18 years ago. Unfortunately, I will not be able to witness the innovations because, during the pandemic, it prohibits face-to-face classes and holding such events.

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