August 10, 2022

My Stress-Reliever Online Games

I mentioned in my Reminiscing the CLSU Intramurals posts that I am currently in my graduate studies. This is to take advantage of the online platform as the mode of conducting our lessons. Even though I am hundreds of kilometers away from the school, I can attend class as long as I have an internet connection.

It is quite difficult to study and work simultaneously. The stress level is increasing especially when you are beating deadlines for both areas.

Things I used to relax is by playing with kids, asking our elder for a back massage, watching video clips in Tiktok, crocheting a few items to sell on our online shop, cooking, and playing online puzzle games.

Here are some of my favorite online games that help me reduce my stress level.
The game will enable you to play with the computer or other humans. 

After clicking the dice, your chosen avatar will move based on the number indicated. If you landed on a block with a question mark “?”, a science question will pop up.  

If will provide the correct answer, the avatar will move to a special cell. The first player to arrive in the “Goal” cell wins.

This game tickles your brain. I like answering puzzles and science questions. This will also help kids enhance their knowledge.

This game is very fun. It is just the typical jigsaw puzzle but played on the computer. You can choose between25, 49, 0r 100 pieces. You can play this game with your kids too.

Once you placed the correct piece of the puzzle, it will automatically lock in place with the adjacent part.
One more thing about having fun about this game is by turning your image captured by the computer camera into a jigsaw puzzle.

This games brings me back to my childhood as I am having fun solving jigzaw puzzles.

I saw this game in one of the videos I watched on Tiktok. This is a strategy game where you need to guess who is the person in the frame of your opponent and vice-versa.

First, you need to pick the person that your opponent will try to guess.

The game proceeds by the process of elimination. You are going to pick a question to ask that you will think will eliminate majority of the person.

The first player to guess the correct person in the frame wins.
In this, you will be able to work your brain as you think the right question to guess the person in your opponent's frame the least possible time.

There are other games at to check and find what suits you as a stress reliever. There are lots of free online educational games at different categories like board, logic, puzzle, math, physics, and other games.

Can you share your stress-reliver and favorite online games too?

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