December 9, 2011

First entry

I got inspired in creating this blog by one of our co-workers who posted about his hobby-photography. I was also supposed to post pics taken using either my cellphone or digicam, and in the future my plan to have a DSLR camera-which is supposed to be purchased before the year ends. 

a wishlist
The plan has been cancelled because me and my wife decided to purchase gas range which I can use both on my passion in cooking and my “cravings” for baking…

the plan

I stopped and plan to delete this account, until I saw my wife started hers named "Momayes Diary" . It is  about her experience on being 24/7 mom to our little angel. I was encourage to continue this blog, but instead of posting my “supposed to be collections” on my “frustrated-future-hobby”, this page will include everything under the sun…from cooking experiences, gardening, holidays, fatherhood, etc…

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