December 21, 2011

Crocs Philippines Trivia Promo

I saw Crocs Philippines Promo in Facebook last week. The winner will be receiving a limited edition stationery set. They will be giving away  twenty eight (28) units of the said item as Christmas Give-away.

I followed their fan page and waited on how the contest runs. On the first day, I was not allowed to join since the trivia questions were applicable only to a particular region. When the trivia question is for Central Luzon residents, I immediately searched for the answer on their trivia question.

When I was about to post my answer, I became hesitant since there is only one entry that time and winners should be from the 13th, 23rd, and 33rd respondents giving the correct answer. So I checked the previous trivia questions first if I will still have a chance to win even I am not the respondent number they are looking for. Yes, I will still have the chance to win even I’m 2nd to post my answer.
Announcement of winners: There is only one respondent who got the correct answer (13th person). They also announced that they are going to raffle the other two prices for all the respondents. This gets me excited. Taaadaaa! I was one of the lucky winners after raffling the two other prices.

Price will be claimed at Marquee Mall, Angeles Pampanga.
This is my first to win in online promos.
(photos courtesy of Crocs Philippines Fan Page )


Yesterday, December 23, 2011 I went to Marquee Mall to claim my prize. (forgot to take pictures of Crocs Marquee Mall stall)

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