December 27, 2011

December 25, 2011

After series of preparation and cooking for Simple Noche Buena (leche flan, barbecue, mango cheesecake, ham, spaghetti, and macaroni salad – last two dishes made by Mommy), its Christmas Day!
preparing homemade powder sugar

simple noche buena

Before eating, we watched the short fireworks prepared by one of our neighbors. Matt is very afraid of the bombing sounds, saying “putok, booowm!” holding her mom as tight as he could.
This year we celebrate Christmas with our Nanay Maria (grandmother-father side), Mama and Matt’s tita Fe.
L-R: nanay (a bit shy of cam), tita fe, and mama

We woke up around 7 am. Take breakfast from the food prepared for Noche Buena, take a bath and supposed to be went to Barosoain Church in Malolos. 

picture first before "send-off"

nanay and mama

We didn’t make to the church because we stucked up almost 2 hours in traffic on our way to bus terminal (Nanay needs to go back to Nueva Ecija). 
traffic - opportunity to take photos

matt kulit
We then proceed to SM Marilao to buy toys for Matt as gift promised by his Papa and Mama. Instead of buying educational/computer toy for Matt, which is not yet suitable for his age, we resulted into Junior Mickey Mouse (where he immediately hold and embrace while riding on his stroller saying “Mik-keeeey”) and Easel Learning Board.  

picture first

easel learning board
Mama planned to treat us for lunch but we refuses because what we are going to eat are the same as what we had in Noche Buena. We bought 2 boxes of pizza instead and eat it while on our way home.
Tiring but fulfilling day.

Happy Birthday Jesus! -Daddy, Mommy and Matthew Andrei

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