January 16, 2012

Eat More Food, Loose More Weight

At first, I can't believe when I saw the title of the newsletter from Men's Health Belly Off. How could eating lot of foods make you loose more weight? As I read the article and follow the link about the "ultimate all-day eating plan"  by Men's Health the article has a point though. It shows a diet plan that can help you stay fuller throughout the day without gaining extra weight.

First Breakfast - Load up calories by consuming dairy, eggs, whole grains and fiber.
Start with a glass of milk or slice of cheese with whole-wheat toast or choose to have oatmeal and some yogurt and blueberries (since blueberries are not that available here, any fruits like apples and banana will do). The protein in milk as well as other dairy products helps promote muscle growth and fat loss especially after excercise.

Second Breakfast - Same as the first breakfast. You read it right!
Overall, eating twice in the morning means you are taking in lesser calories. Breaking up meals in the morning keeps your calorie intake shifted to the morning allowing you to start your day.

Lunch - Take in as much nutrition as possible by eating vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts and whole grains.
Since lunch will be the major moment of your nutritional day, this is the chance to feed on at least three representatives from fruits, vegetable, or legumes. Try soups and salads.

Dinner - Keep portion size down by having green leafy vegetable, lean meats, fish, beans and legumes.
According to study, taking low-calorie salad before the main dish can lessen food intake by up to 12%. So try to start with vegetables before protein sources like lean meat and fish rich in omega-3-fatty acids.

Snacks - Starve hunger by eating yogurt, berries, walnuts, red bell peppers with cheese, whole grain cereal with milk, and apples and cheese.
Don't deprive yourself! Studies shows that people who eat less than three times a day have trouble in controlling their appetite.

This guide is an American-based diet. Replacing some item with the locally-available products is definitely fine. So ransack your kitchen and eat but be intelligent enough in choosing the right food.

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