January 20, 2012

Four Common Mistakes in Weight Loss

Eliminate these four common mistakes if you want to burn more fat.

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 1. Drinking "diet" soda variety like water - Studies found out that replacing regular soda with "diet" variety increases desserts and bread intake compared to those who drink water as their beverage.
Reason: Artificial sweeteners rises your hunger for sweets.


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2. Trying hard to loose weight - Following strict diet that assures you to loose weight would lead you to gain even more.
Reason: Food cravings will interfere your efforts.

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3. Lack of sleep - This tends to increase calorie intake to about 300 calories more compared to those who had enough sleep.
Reason: Lack of sleep boosts your appetite by short-circuiting your brain's sense of reward. See my previous entry.

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4.  Too Optimistic - Over-estimated amount of calories burned during exercise.
Reason: Actual number of burned calories during workouts is only 300 calories and not 900 calories. (My assumption: Workouts generally work on your muscle development and not on burning excess fat).

Instead of workout you may try several ways to burn those fats like:
1. Vinyasa Yoga - up to 135 calories
2. Walking - up to 143 calories
3. Shooting Hoops - up to 184 calories
4. Swimming - up to 286 calories
5. Cycling - up to 327 calories
6. Jogging - up to 367 calories
7. Circuit-weight Training - 477 calories

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