October 24, 2012

Family Day Sunday: 10212012

Early morning, I received a text message from Mama that they are already on their way to Bulacan for a week vacation because they really missed Matt. We immediately prepare since we will fetch them at Pulilan. We also got a chance to visit our aunt’s house somewhere in Guiguinto where I took the photos I posted HERE.

I saw bunch of “Makahiya” (Mimosa pudica) plant so I made Matt familiarize with it. I showed him how it folds its leaves when being touched. He was so happy to see it and tried it by himself. He keeps on screaming after touching the leaves and watching as it slowly closes its leaves.

Since it was still early, we proceed to SM Marilao and we are going to buy some yarn for Momaye’s Shoppe’s orders. I asked Papa to go with Matt on the mini-carousel while Mommy and I went to buy yarns. We also showed to Mama and Papa what the gift Matt wants on Christmas is, and they promised to buy it for him (I’ll just make a post once they bought it. Hehehe).

Then we went to the BGS (Big GarmentSale) to look for some stuff. There are lots of people coming from nearby cities buying tons of clothes since you will really get great discounts on branded clothes. Also, this is their last day of their sale. Unfortunately we didn’t buy even a single piece of clothes since it has really a very long line in the cashiers. One thing I like in this garment sale is that they offer free lunch and snacks to all of their customers. LOL

We went back home and again, do some of the orders while having small chitchats with my parents. I also asked papa to check Jaby (the red motorcycle) since it didn’t start when I tried to use it last week. Good that he fixed it. Yipee! Jaby is on the go again. Matt immediately asked Papa to have a quick ride around.

What a tiring but fulfilling day.