October 8, 2012


(This post is a bit late)

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Teachers: I consider them as one of the most overworked but underpaid profession. They worked almost the whole day in school standing and talking in front of students nurturing their minds. The work does not finished there, they have to bring their work at home by preparing their lessons including visual aids for the next day, making exams, checking papers, computing grades, and other school related things instead of having bonding time with their family.

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Once, my sister, who took Elementary Education course, and I got a conversation about our courses. I wasn't able to argue with her when she told me that chemists like me and other professions are not possible without teachers like them which makes me realized that the above slogan is really true.

In celebration of the World Teacher’s Day, I salute all the TEACHERS for hardships and dedication in practicing their chosen profession.