October 3, 2012

MOVE (MeralcO Virtual Engine)

Meralco has launched their new application - MeralcO Virtual Engine or MOVE. This is a free application designed for Filipinos. This application lets their subcribers to access their services thru smartphones or tablets anytime of the day.

This application was desinged since most of their clients consume their time online. MOVE gives the benfits of ease and convinience to customers in managing their concerns.  MOVE offers the following applications:

Location Help - this gives information on Meralco directory where you can find the nearest Meralco Office in your area. Furthermore, this application will provide you list of Bayad Centers where you pay your bills.

Consumption Control - You can easily determine your power consumption thru Meralco Appliance Calculator. Here, you ca also find Bright Ideas that can help you use better and save electricity.

Helps in Planning - This gives up-to-date information on power maintenance schedules. You can also view your E-Meralco Bills where ever and whenever.

MOVE application can be downloaded free. For more details visit their website www.meralco.com.ph, like their faceboook page or follow them on twitter (@meralco).

Source: Nuffnang PH