August 28, 2014

“Momless” Days for Matt and I

Last week, Mommy had a 3-day seminar in KL. On these days, I was the Mom and Dad for our Little Bossing which became a great father-and-son bonding. Will it be the same aso’t pusa for the two of us or it will be different?

On the first day, as expected, Matt is hyperactive. When I arrived home, he was playing  with one of our neighbors. He immediately asked me where's Mommy after seeing I was alone in the car. I told him she was in KL and asked him to behave while she was not around Good that he obeyed everything I asked him to do. Unlike when Mommy’s around, hyper talaga. Just like what his Ate Jeni said “Ganyan lang naman po sya kapag anjan ang Mommy nya.”

Matt and his friend Ezekiel
At night, I told him to sleep early and we will go buy meat the next day. Again, he asked me where Mommy is? Hindi kasi makatulog kapag hindi katabi ang Mommy. I replied that Mommy will be back in couple of days. Then he asked me: “Daddy, tabihan mo na po ako. Itabi mo na yung gantsilyo mo.”  So I that's what I did.

The following day was a holiday (August 21). As promised, we went out to buy meat shop before we had our hair cut. The rest of the day was spent at home. Me, continued the rest of the made-to-order crochet items and every now and then, kulitan with Matt.

Matt and I chatting with Mommy

We had a conversation with Mommy thru Skype upstairs before we sleep. Although the connection was poor, we managed to talked. Matt was very happy to see Mommy and became happier when he saw the lollipops Mommy had for him. Mababaw talaga ang kaligayahan.

Video Calling thru Skype

On the third day, I need to leave the house early for Pangasinan to validate one of our customer’s complaint. Before I leaving, I changed his clothes for he peed on the bed. Hehehe.

At night, I told him to go to sleep early for we will go to the airport. I will go to work first and will go back home to fetch him. Again, he followed me without saying it twice.

Saturday, I called the house that I  was already on my way to fetch him before going to the airport. When he heard that, he passed the phone to his Ate Jeni and immediately went upstairs to get his clothes. And when I arrived, he was already at the terrace waiting for me.

I asked him to sit at the back and fastened the seatbelt. He simply reply: Bawal kasi ang bata sa harap, ‘di ba Daddy? With full of excitement, he keeps on asking where are we already even we just left home for few minutes. “Daddy, saan na po ba ito? Airport na ba po ito? Pupunta po ba tayo sa Malaysia?” After few minutes, I didn’t hear anything from him. Tulog na pala.

When we were near the airport, I wake him up watch the planes flying (landing and taking off). He was very fascinated when he saw it and asked me: “Daddy, nasa Malaysia na po ba tayo?”.

After few minutes, Mommy was already waiting for us at the arrival area, Mommy told me that his face brightens up when he saw her. Did you know what he told to Mommy when they met? “Mommy nasan na po ung lollipop ko?” LOL!

With the days Mommy wasn’t around, I learn how to control my temper. Though there are still times that I scolded him for being super kulit, I will asked him to sit beside me and will talk to him in a lower and calm voice.

Also, we had so much father and son lambingan especially before going to bed. We prayed together and teach him to include this: “Ingatan NYO po lahat ng loves ko.”

Me and Matt's kulitan before going to bed

To end this, all I can say is: Magkakabati din pala ang aso at pusa. LOL