August 11, 2014

Math-you and My Destiny

Photo Source: GMA
One of telenovelas that we are waiting everynight is GMA’s “My Destiny” starred by Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana.

Tom played the role of Matthew and Carla played Grace. Since then, our “little bossing” Matthew claimed to be him. He used to play the guitar while singing the theme song.
Ang nakakatuwa, he used to correct us, even his teachers in school, whenever we call him by his name and say: Hindi ako si Matthew (sounds as Mat-you), ako si Matthew (sounds as Math-you) ng My Destiny. That is how the Carla or Grace pronounced the name with and emphasis on “th”.

One more: Since Matthew of My Destiny is studying to be a medical doctor and wears a mask in the hospital, he imitates it too. See picture below.

Matthew wearing mask

Since the telenovela is rated PG or Parental Guidance, we don’t want him to watch it alone and we only turn the TV on whenever we are around to guide him and divert his attention whenever there are scenes that are not suitable for kids.