August 31, 2014

Weekend Reflection: Do I need to Complain?

There are times when I wake up in the morning, I feel lazy getting out of bed. Thinking that it will be the same routine again – home-work-home. Minsan nakakasawa na. But I need to force myself and think that it will be another day full of blessings.

There are also times, I keep on complain on myself. Asking all the why’s especially at work.

Bakit sa akin ia-assign e hindi ko naman trabaho?
Bakit ako kaagad ang lalapitan kapag may problem?
Bakit lahat na lang ng tanong ako ang dapat may sagot?

And many more…

All I have to do is to think the big "+" - be positive...

This only means that they still trust me in doing such work. Without it, it means wala na akong halaga sa company which is very threatening. Am I right?

Until one day, I was requested to search for a rubber stamp maker in the nearest place and asked to do a job for me. I read what is written in his cabinet:

With this, I realized that with all those complaints I had especially at work, I am still lucky compared to others.

I am lucky every morning that I open my eyes. Others won’t wake up the next morning for another day to live.
I am lucky to have a family with me who keeps on understanding and supporting me. Others are living alone.
I am lucky that I eat three or more times a day. Others don’t eat even once.
I am lucky to have a job. Others are struggling to land one.
And many more…

With this do you think I need to complain?