October 21, 2014

Movie Sharing: Miracle in Cell No.7

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Few weeks ago, I heard that this movie will be aired in Tagalized version in GMA 7. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it.

When one of our colleagues mentioned that she has a copy of it, I immediately asked if I can have a copy too. Last week, I was able to watched it.

This heartwarming fils is starred by Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won and Park Shin-hye.

Lee Yong-go is a mentally impaired father of a very brilliant six-year-old girl named Ye-sung that lives in a run-down house.

One day, while looking of the Sailor Moon dream bag of Ye-sung, Lee Yong-go made a conflict with the police commissioner who just bought the bag.

The commissioner’s daughter died accidentally after slipping on ice and hit her head with a brick at the market while taking Lee Yong-go to a place where the later can buy the same kind of bag. Lee Yong-go tried to recover the girl thru CPR. A woman saw him and thought that he is molesting the girl.

He was then accused of abduction, murder and rape of a minor. Due to his condition, the police took advantage and forced him to admit the crime. He was imprisoned and assigned to Cell No. 7 of the maximum security.

In the cell, he became friends with other inmates especially the leader named Jang Min-hwan after saving the life of the later in a riot. As payback, Jang Min-hwan promised to bring Ye-sung in the cell.

Before the trial, the commissioner threatened Lee Yong-go that he had to admit the crime or Ye-sung will have the same fate as the commissioner's daughter. Because of this, he was sentenced to death.

Ye-sung was adopted by the chief police and became a lawyer. She requested to have a re-trial of her father's case to clean his name.

The movie is great. You can easily carried by the scenes especially for a father that truly loves his family. I almost shed tears in some of the scenes. However, I need to control since I was at work while watching the said film.

Here are some of the heart-breaking scenes in the movie, I guess.
Lee Yong-go and Ye-sung reunited at Cell No.7

Ye-sung visited his father with the help of her teacher.

Ye-sung asked the Chief of Police to arrest her too just to be with her father.

Lee Yong-go and Ye-sung lifted by the balloon to escape the prison.

Lee Yong-go asked to help him and save him few moments before his execution. The most heart-breaking one (for me)

Have you seen this movie too?