October 20, 2014

Matt’s Recent School Activities

Aside from work, we’ve been also busy in Matt’s school activities. Mommy mentioned in Momaye’s Diary that Matt will join the APRISM’s 1st Sportsfest and Cultural Competition as their school’s representative in vocal solo – Pre-Elementary Level.

I admit that I was also nervous, which is normal to parents like me, as he walks on the stage and started singing. Surprisingly, he did well unlike during his practice at home that he wasn’t that serious.

Matt singing "Kung Hindi Ikaw"

Though he didn't land any place, we are still proud of him especially when we hear from one of the school personnel: “Matthew, ang galing mo kanina. Next year may laban ka na.” This means that he will, again, represent their school. With this, I think we need to purchase a Magic Sing sold in record bars or some guitar center stores.

Matt and the other contestants waiting for the program to start.

Contestants receiving their certificate of participation. Matt is actually one of the smallest and youngest.
The following week was their schools 11th Foundation Day. On monday (first day), all students were asked to be in the school at 6am for the speed marathon. This time, we were lucky enough to see Matt in his PE uniform at school for the first time.

Ready for the speed marathon
On Tuesday was the last day of their school’s Foundation Day. The event was held at SM Marilao where every year level prepared dance numbers. Pre-Elementary had jazz dance number. Here are some photos:

After the program I brought him in one of his favorites arcade ride with "Francesco" as a simple reward.

Matt with "Francesco"

I believe that we, as parents, should also participate in such school activities. This is part of kid's motivation in joining such activities.

By the waym here are other photos of him during the foundation day:

In the middle of the crowd
Waiting for their turn

Just their performance on the stage
Happy Monday!