November 17, 2014

Why Give Blood to Philippine Red Cross?

Chemist Dad: A Proud Donor (Taken from Instagram)

Last Friday, our company had a Blood Letting Activity assisted by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). Upon knowing that we will have the said activity, I didn’t hesitate in donating my blood because this will be the first time for me.

Also, donating blood can be a sign of having good health. According to PRC representative during the pre-orientation, not everyone can donate blood. There are others that are willing to give theirs but some are not capable due to some health reasons (hypertension, anemia, etc.)

What are the benefits of blood donation?

Improves overall cardiovascular health.
Blood donation helps reduce the level of iron in the blood reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies showed that chances of heart attack and stroke were also reduced. Furthermore, high amounts of iron in the blood is also linked to some type of cancers.

Production of new blood cells.
This is also known as “Change-Oil Mechanism”. After donating blood, the body’s bone marrow have the natural mechanism of producing new blood cells. With new blood cells, the body becomes healthier and works more efficient just like a new car engine that undergoes change oil. By the way, donating blood is recommended every three months.

Free “mini” health screening.
Before donating blood, donors will go thru screening like hemoglobin test, blood typing and blood pressure check. The test does not end there, the collected blood will be tested further for 5 major infectious diseases namely: HlV, Malaria, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Free counseling.
Once found to be infected by the diseases above (Knock on wood!), the donor will be invited for counseling sessions by the National Blood Center. This includes discussion on the disease, its course and  mode of transmission, prognosis and prevention.

Receives Priority.
In case the donor or members of the family needs blood (Knock on wood again!), priority will be given and will receive a free blood processing fee.

Burns calories.
Donating 450ml of blood burns 650 calories.

Help Save Lives! (Grabbed from Instagram)
But most important reason why I decided to share a bag of my blood is that you will be considered a Good Samaritan  BLOOD SAMARITAN. This is because you don’t know who’s life will be saved by a bag of your blood lalo na at Type AB ako. I heard that only 4-6% of the population has the same blood type as mine. Also, three (3) individuals can already used by just a single bag or 450-ml of blood.

For more information how to prepare and what are the steps in giving blood, and if you are qualified to be a donor, visit Philippine Red Cross’ FB Fan Page or I will make a post on that soon.

Are you now convinced to share a bag of your blood?