March 19, 2015

Family Days Sunday: Work in Progress + The Balong Malalim + Masaganang Dinner

Inside Balong Malalim
Matt used to take home two small stars in three consecutive days. According to her Tita, he didn’t behave well in class. Matt is still playful and usually provoked by playful classmates too.

To keep him behave in class, we made an agreement. If he brought home big stars for the whole week, he will get a treat - playing in “Balong Malalim”. Also, Matt and her Tita Rona made an agreement that if he fails to brought home big stars, the Youtube application on TV will be removed.

The following day, Matt’s teacher was surprised. He behave well in school and from then on he keeps on bringing home two big stars daily for two consecutive weeks.

To fulfill my promise, last Sunday after attending the mass, we brought him to Waltermart-Sta. Maria and let him played in "Balong Malalim”. Look how happy he was.

Jump and 360-turn

Matt in Balong Malalim
In the afternoon, Mommy cooked spaghetti and some potato fries. Good that Matt and his Kuya were busy washing Scarlet, if not, the potato fries will not reach our dinner.

Masaganang Dinner

Before our bedtime, we continue finishing Made-To-Order crochet flowers. We are already half way finishing the orders.

Made-to-order crochet flowers

How did you spend your weekends?