March 20, 2015

I Need Motivation

A throwback photo (taken 2007)
At the start of the year, one of my goals is to loose some pounds. From my current weight of 82 kilos, I want to target the 72-kilo mark or at least like the one in the picture. 

On the first two weeks, I was very eager and motivated to do some cardio and belly toning activities like dancing, push-ups and crunches. I also reduced my rice intake to lessen the calories I had.

After that first two weeks, I notice some changes. My biceps and shoulders started to have shape, my tummy shows somewhat an improvement.

As of the moment, I am starting to my loose interest in doing those activities. I seems hard for me to wake up early (4am) for the exercise. Though I can survive with the diet, the effect is not that much.

Last year, Mommy and I planned to purchase running shoes and do jogging or running for at least 30 minutes a day. But this didn’t materialized due to some priorities. 

This month, these running shoes are already in our list. However, even we have this new pair of footwears, I still NEED MOTIVATIONS to continue doing this activity attain my weight goal. And once I reached my goal, I want to help and motivate others too. So I can be a true FITNESS CHAMP as the Fitness Influence Quiz claimed. You can try the quiz too.

For now, the only motivation I have are my clothes especially those pair of pants in our closet. I want to return into that built and waistline.

I still have nine months to reach my goal and i know I can make it! AJA!

Quiz via Wellness Corporate Solutions.

What are your motivations in your weight-loss goals?