March 4, 2015

Unboxing Brother DCP-J100 Printer + Brother's Jolly Delights

One day, Matt has an assignment. He needs to paste a family picture in their workbook. 

Though we have lots of family pics in my camera, we have no printer at home. The only one available is already placed in a photo frame and he was two months old.

No choice but to get that photo and used it for his homework.

With this, we decided to buy one so when the time Matt needs printing works for his school projects and activities, we will not encounter the same problem.

Mommy is also thinking of accepting made-to-order (MTO) invitations where a nice printer is a must.

After searching for some models and brands, reading reviews and feed backs, I finally made a choice for the right unit. I choose the Brother DCP-J100 3-in-1 printer (scanner, printer and photocopier).

Brother DCP-J100

I picked this brand and model mainly because the ink cartridge is individually installed. Once you ran out of one color, you can purchase the cartridge for that particular color alone unlike other brands that you have to buy one cartridge with three colors even other colors are still available.

The printer will run even  only the black cartridge is installed.

Interior of Brother DCP-J100 printer

Scanning is also easy. Just press the scan button, pick for the scanning method. It will automatically connect to the computer and just press the start button, colored or graysacle, for the scanning to proceed . Scanning methods are: scan to e-mail, scan to file or scan to image. 

Ink cartridge installed individually and scanning options

With the photocopier, you can directly choose enlarger or reducer from 100% to 47% or fit to page. It can perform photocopying up to 99 pages per run. Some units are limited to 20 pages per run only.

Enlarge and reduce option

The unit is connected to the computer via USB port attached inside the printer right under the scanning/photocopying platform. Storing of the connector when not in use is not a problem. There is an ample space beside the port where you can place the cord.

It has a detachable paper rack. Just place the paper and you’re on the go.

Detachable paper rack and the USB port

Aside form these features, here are the other specifications of the printer:

Brother's Laminated Piezo Print Head minimises print head damage and enhances the durability of the machine, allowing users to save on repairs. Furthermore, with low-cost super high yield InkBenefit cartridges, the inkjet Multi-Function Centre meets the demands of high print-volume businesses for low running costs.

Save on Repairs
Lamination Technology & Piezo Technology enhanced durability and minimises print head damage, helping you save on repair and replacement costs.

Low Running Costs
Enjoy low ink costs with affordable 2,400^ super high page-yield InkBenefit cartridges. Reduce ink wastage with an individual ink cartridge system that allows you to replace only the colours you need. Plus, easily produce 2-up and 4-up on a single sheet. This saves paper when viewing drafts or layouts.
^ Refers to black ink. Colour ink: 1,300 page-yield. Approximate page-yield declared in accordance with ISO/IEC 24711. 

Improve Productivity
Featuring high print speeds of 11/6ppm* , time is saved when there are large volume printing tasks. Users can utilise their time more efficiently instead of waiting for their printouts. Furthermore, with paper input of up to 100 sheets, users avoid having to refill paper tray too frequently.
* ISO/IEC 24734. Click here to find out more about Brother print speed.

Save Time
Enjoy convenience of less-frequent ink purchases with super high-yield InkBenefit cartridges. Plus, save valuable time as you can still print in black even if colour cartridges run out.

Professional Quality
Our colour inkjet series deliver consistent and high quality results with sharp images and crisp text. Our Multi-Function Centres offer unique colour enhancement designed to optimize your color prints with true to life colours. Brother black pigment ink will provide you with sharp text printing on standard paper. It is water resistant so it won't smudge. You get consistently sharp text every time.

A good news to those who will buy a new Brother printer thru Brother’s Jolly Delights. Different food packages from Jollibee can be availed with every unit of participating Brother Printer Models. See scanned photo details.
Free food packages from Jollibee (Scanned using Brother DCP-J100)

Brother's Jolly Delights mechanics (Scanned using Brother DCP-J100
For other details about this promo, you can visit Brother’s website.

The Brother DCP-J100 unit comes with Package B composed of three (3) sets of One-piece Chickenjoy with rice,  Jolly Spaghetti and Regular drinks.  

And guess who's excited with the free Jollibee package. 

Matt with the free Jollibee food package

What is your printer at home?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.