July 14, 2015

Movie Sharing: Insidious Chapter 3

This is already the chapter 3 of the insidious series but this event happened just before the first two chapters. Elise Rainier is still alive in this movie.

This story happened prior to the Lambert Family haunting.

Photo Source: Mashup Trends

Quinn Brenner is a college girl whose mother died a year and a half ago. She used to felt that her mom, Lilith, was just beside and trying to communicate with her. She searched Elise for help. However, when Elise tried to call for Lilith, someone is trying to interfere and did not continue to call Lilith. Instead, she warned Quinn never try to call for her mother or any dead for something bad might happen.

After that meeting, Quinn started to experience unusual.

During her audition for a theater school, she saw a man wearing a mask waving at her in the auditorium. This man is the same man she saw before her accident.

At home, while recovering, the incident and appearance of the man with the mask is getting more frequent. She asked her father to look for Elise for help.

Elise was reluctant because whenever she goes "into the further", there is a woman trying to kill her. But with her friend, Carl, made her realized that she is living and much stronger than this woman.

Instead of asking Elise’s help, Quinn’s father seek the help of the duo Specs and Tucker. During their session to help fight with the demon, Quinn was possessed and tried to slashed her neck in front of them.

Just in time, Elise appeared on the door and tried to recover Quinn. Again, she went "into the further" and get Quinn back to her body. She saw Quinn limbless and was starting to get by the "man who can't breathe". Elise went back but Quinn was caught again.

Elise heard a voice of someone who just died, Quinn's neighbor, telling her to get the book. Elise found Quinn’s diary and found a letter from her mom that she wants to read it before Quinn's graduation. With the help of Lilith, the "man that can't breathe" vanished and Quinn returned to the living world.

Starting that day, Elise, Spec, and Tucker worked together to fight for such supernatural being.

On that night, when Elise is about to go to bed, her dog suddenly barked into the darkness where Elise found the woman who wants to kill her in the other world.

The movie is not scary but frightening because of the sound effects. One scene that scares me and makes me about to jump from the chair me is when Quinn was hit by a car. Another is when Elise was visited by the “man that can’t breathe” in her reading room.

Watching this movie, I remember that in first two chapters, Elise uses a mechanical device (like the one below) when bringing someone to sleep before going "into the further". At first I thought that this is specifically for this purpose but I was wrong. 

Mechanical Metronome (Source: Wikipedia)

This device is is know as metronome intended for musicians to have a steady and constant tempo as they play. This is also used to have a perfect timing. I am wondering if the musical director uses digital version of this accessory, like the mt-01, in creating perfect timing of the sounds that makes the movie more scary and frightening.

Have you seen this movie too?