July 7, 2015

No more plastic bags in Science City of Muñoz

Plastics composed a huge part in garbage collected in every town and city. Though there are movements and organizations that encourage recycling and reuse of plastics, still, majority ended into trash.

Another way to prevent the continuous accumulation of plastics in landfills is by having ordinance like "No-Plastic Policy". Years ago, I mentioned that Bulacan has already an ordinance that prohibits the use ofplastics. However, I think this is not fully implemented and followed. Sta. Maria, in particular, plastics are still the major packaging material used in the market.

Last weekend, we visited our home town. One of our routine is to drop by the market and buy some veggies to be brought back home. To our surprised, all of our purchases were placed in labo plastics. We requested for sando bag so we can easily carry what we bought. The vendor declined our request and told us that use of sando bag is already prohibited.

Implementing such rule is great for it can help save Mother Nature. However, allowing labo plastics defeats the purpose. THESE ARE STILL PLASTICS! Why not implement total banning of plastics of any type?

Most labo plastics are smaller compared to sando bags. This will results to more plastics to be used for what you bought. Another, labo plastics can be easily damaged resulting to additional plastics. 

On the other hand, the ordinance has also its own advantage. This will make people more responsible by bringing their own basket or eco-bag as they go to market.

I salute such municipality that passes law that inhibits the use of plastics. However, they should have to make reviews and revisions on how to fully implement and monitor that such ordinance is strictly followed. Or else, these will all end up into nothing.

Do use of plastics also prohibits in your vicinity?