September 16, 2015

Watching A Live Band

I already witnessed different live band performances and you can appreciate more viewing it live rather that watching it on TV or screens.

I noticed that most performances have a black box in front of the stage facing the performers. At first, I thought that these are just monitors where they can see the lyrics of the songs or just a lighting accessories to give highlights to the performers.

Queen of the Stone Age Band (Source: Wikipedia)

One time, we were too early to arrive at the event place so I witnessed some band members used to adjust these black box as they practice. These black boxes are not really for the lights and lyrics but actually stage monitor systems.

These monitors are speakers pointing to the performers to help them listen and monitor to themselves. These are essentials especially to amplified musical instruments like musicians friend keyboards and other acoustic instruments.

Lately, I was invited by a resto bar that plays a live band. Though the place is far from us, I haven’t made a disclosure if I will attend or not. I hope I can visit this place and have a good time listening to a live band again.

How about you, have you already witnessed watching a live band?