September 19, 2015

Learning Art Works thru ArtSquish

My son loves to draw. He used to ask me how to draw fishes, spiders, trees and others. Unfortunately, I am not that blessed in this field. Good thing I was able to encounter ArtSquish.

ArtSquish is a vital site for Art Educators or homeschooling parents. It contains lots of drawing and other art-related tips.

The site has two sections – JuiceBar and Teaching System.

The JuiceBar is free subscription which shared all kinds of information about teaching, tips, tricks and techniques in arts.

On the other hand, the ArtSquish Teaching System is a paid subscription which offers two class sessions every week for each grade level. The subscription costs $16 every month but it already covers everything. This will save you time in thinking of what lesson to discuss next. With this, you will have more spare time to spend on other matters.

Other features under subscription are “how to” articles for teachers and homeschooling parents, classroom materials like posters, handouts and graphics, training videos that can be shown to students. An auto blog is also available which let you send links to parents for them to discuss each topic at home.

Here is a sample of Matthew’s drawing. I guide him in making this fish which I got from Weird Fish and Crazy Tools Lesson under Grades 1 & 2 category.

The Orange Fish 

If you want to try ArtSquish, just sign-up HERE.

With the help of ArtSquish, Matthew is not the only one to learn, me as well.

Do you kids love to draw too?

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