September 26, 2015

#OTWOL On the Wings Of Love

OTWOL stands for On the Wings of Love, a romantic comedy shown in ABS-CBN at primetime. This is the first teleserye by one of the famous love teams these days, the JaDine or short for James (Reid) and Nadine (Lustre).

OTWOL is a story of a girl named Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) and Clark Medina (James Reid).

Leah is a simple girl with an American dream. She wants to visit America to fulfill her mother's dream of migrating her entire family in the said country. Few months after their mother left for the United States, they received a news that she died. From then on, Leah's one goal in life is to visit America and look where her mother was buried. She got an opportunity to have a tourist visa because he choir she belongs was invited to compete in San Francisco. From there, her journey in America starts.

Clark, on the other hand, is a Pinoy who grew up in America. He went to the said country to look for his father. Unfortunately, he was not recognized by his father because it has already a family in the United States. Clark's mother died so he grew up in the care of her Aunt Jack (Cherry Pie Pecache).

Few months after Leah stepped in America, her visa is about to expire. She needs something to do to keep her legal stay in the United States. She agreed to marry Clark in exchange of money. Their story starts there if they will be developed as lovers under the fixed marriage.

I found the teleserye very light like Please be Careful With My Heart. No vengeance nor violence included and it every episode brings kilig factor to viewers. The cast acts naturally and looks like happening in real life.

Another thing I love in this show is that Leah and her family sometimes speaks Ilocano, which I have a blood of the said ethnic group.

This show airs every night, but it was already late for me to wait for it. One thing I did to keep me updated is by downloading each episode thru torrent then I will watch the whole week's episode during weekends. With this, I enjoy watching it more because it has no commercial breaks.

Just like the other week, we are watching it while I do some sewing repairs.

Are you hooked up with this teleserye too?