January 30, 2016

Captured Moments: Bridge Repair, Again?!

Last week, I experience another traffic in one of the areas in Sta-Maria- Bulacan By-pass Road. I am wondering if there is an accident since I know that there is no on-going road repair.

I was surprised when I saw a road sign that the small bridge in the area is for repair.Again?!

 As far as I know, this bridge undergoes repair about 1 or 2 years ago and why they have to work on it again. In fact, the paint on the railings is not yet finished. 

I think they are going to widen the said bridge. Nice to know if this is the actual plan but why they didn't include the widening during the previous repair?

During the last repair, it caused too much traffic in the said area affecting not only to commuters but to private vehicles using the said route as well.

Does this scenario common in your place?