January 24, 2016

Fashion Tips for Men in 30s

We know that every country has their own fashion styles. With the power of social media, some countries, like the Philippines, have adapted fashion statements, especially from the Western countries.

Men started wearing tailored outfits like skinny jeans with different colors as well as short. This may be influenced by boybands like One Direction. 

Speaking of fashion influence and origin, there is a fashion quiz where you can find what region a fashion came from. You can check it on http://bellaellaboutique.com/regional-fashion-quiz/, but this quiz is for ladies only. I hope to have the same quiz for lads too.

As I was further browsing the net, I went thru this fashion tips for men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Since I am in the mid-30s already, here's what I've got for my age bracket:

Most men at age same as mine had already experiencing hair-loss. Choosing a haircut to cover this problem is a nice choice. A “perfect” hairstyle for men in 30s is the so-called "slicked-back hair" influenced by Mad Men.

A bald hairstyle like Bruce Willis is also an option since it can fit with any age.

Justin Timberlake in Slicked-Back Hairstyle (Source:The Gentleman's Journal)

Wearing shirts should also have some considerations. Statement shirt seems not already applicable to men in their 30s.

Floral-printed button downs can be added in the clothes collection but must be out of the closet when you reach the 40s.

Stop wearing tanks everywhere, even in beaches. Try resorting to sports shirts.

Size should be also considered. Too tight shirts will enhance bulges like “beer belly” while too loose will give an untidy look and an impression of trying to look younger at your age.

Jeans are still the top casual wear for men in their 30s and suits for formal wear. Investing in at least a set of a suit is recommended. Skinny jeans can be added in the closet but not until reaching the age of 40.

For shorts, shifting to above the knee length in black or navy blue is a good pick. 

The best way to accessorize bottoms is a belt.

Longer Length (above the knee) Swim Shorts (Source: Orlebar Brown)

It is great to start investing on timepieces. Wearing watch, in silver or in gold, will give a more professional look for fellas on their 30s. This accessory is great for men at their 40s so better start collecting on the late 30s.

Though sneakers and rubber shoes are not prohibited, it is recommended for men on their 30s to have a variety of shoes with different styles. Lace-up leather brogues, chukka boots, driving shoes and double monk-strap shoes must be included in the shoe collection. Men reading this in the late 20s can already start purchasing so when they reach 30s, you already have the complete collection.

Easy Soft Texas Chukka Boots (Source: Lazada PH)

Though wearing socks in sandals give more comfort, this seems awkward for men in their 30s.

Do you have fashion tips for men in their 30s too?

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