January 11, 2016

Yoga Outfit for Men: Size, Type and Fabric

After the holidays, most of us gain extra pounds due to different parties we attended. With this, losing weight is always included in the goals by almost everyone, including me, for this year.

Different activities like jogging, running, jumping ropes, dancing or Zumba and yoga are just some of the things that an help achieving the weight-loss goal aside from reducing food intake.

Mommy and I do early morning, 15-minute Zumba and want to engage into yoga.

Just like other weight-loss activities, having a comfortable outfit for yoga is also a thing to be considered.

Here are some things men needs to consider in picking the “perfect” outfit for yoga.

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Simple Yoga Outfit for Men (Photo Source)

Men used to buy loose clothing for sports-related activities like basketball or gym workouts. However, yoga is different. It is recommended to have a bit tight but not too small. This will make easier to monitor different body angles.

Having the right size will also help immediately absorb sweat.

LogoSportswear, men's yoga outfit, things to consider in men's yoga outfit, yoga,
Tops for Yoga

For tops, an ordinary t-shirt, tanks or muscle shirts are alright as long as it is just the right size and will not fall on the face when doing bend over or headstand poses.

LogoSportswear, men's yoga outfit, things to consider in men's yoga outfit, yoga,
Bottom for Yoga

For bottoms, cropped or long and stretchable pants are more appropriate as this will not limit your body angles. Basketball or gym shorts may be worn but be sure to have cycling shorts underneath to prevent from possible exposure.

There is no ideal material when it comes to the fabric as long as it has the ability to absorb sweat, stretchable, durable and lightweight.

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Other Source: DOYOUYOGA

What fitness activity/ies do you want to engage in 2016?