September 6, 2016

Basic Works at Home That Every Dad Should Learn

Having your own home is not as easy as you think of. There are many  things need to learn especially by dads like me. Simple or complicated tasks were taught to us in our primary school days just like I mentioned in my speech last year. Though you can hire someone to fix it but knowing how to do it will save you a lot.

Here are some things that every dad should know:


Simple replacement of busted lamps, reconnecting cut wires, changing electrical plugs, making your own extension wires are just some that I think every dad must know. This will save you much than asking help of the nearest electricians. Just be sure that you are connecting the right wires to the right way.


Most of the dads used to assign this task to moms but cooking is one of my passion and I am happy working in the kitchen. I used to wake up earlier to prepare for our breakfast and lunch.

Preparing the ingredients is the most time consuming part of cooking. Preparing all the ingredients at night and store it in the fridge is a way to save time para sa umaga, salang na lang. In less than an hour, you have already your breakfast and lunch ready.

Daddy A. planting dragon fruit cuttings

A home without greens is quite dull. Having pots of ornamental plants will give additional accent and making a fresher look at your own home. Having pots and plants does not end there, you need to know how to take care of it. This year, one of my targets is to have a plant box in front of our home which leads the next skill – masonry and carpentry.

By the way, as I was checking my lemon plants this morning, I saw couple of flowers starting to emerge. Seeing how your plants develop is a great achievement.

Masonry and Carpentry

Daddy A. does the drilling
I have a weakness in this part. As of now, I don’t have an idea on how to prepare concrete mix. Though there are some instructional videos on the net, doing it in actual is still different. Whenever Papa visited us, I used to ask him to make the masonry and carpentry works.


Leaks on a sink, lavatory or toilet bowl, drips in a faucet, changing shower knobs and fixing broken water pipes are the most common plumbing problems in every household. Looking for a plumber and someone to assist him is quite a problem for me who works full time.


This year, Mommy and I agreed to change the paint of our home. Though I can hire someone to do it, I don’t have enough time to supervise the workers. With this, I decided to have the task on my own. Though I can only do it during weekends, I know I can finish it naman kahit papano. All you need is to know the basic mixing of paint and how to apply and re-apply it on the part you need to paint.

Last holidays, Papa told me that having simple DIY tools at home like a drill, saw, pliers, hammer, vice grip, and crew drivers is all you need to complete the different tasks mentioned above.

Though I am not an expert in the above-mentioned skills, my knowledge of the basics is more than enough to fix simple things at home.

Before I forgot, I haven't included baby-sitting, laundry, crafting, and house cleaning in the list. But I think you may skip cleaning, and even save time, if there are industrial cleaning services uk available in your place.

How about you?

What other skills do you think every Dad at home should know?