September 27, 2016

On Short Trip to Isabela and Rice Classification

Last week, I was sent by the management to conduct and audit to some of our raw material suppliers in Isabela and Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

I was excited since it will be the first time for me to visit Isabela.

Together with my colleague, we headed Nueva Ecija first as one of the lists in the suppliers. Since the said rice mill is in my hometown, I decided to drive and leave the car to my parent’s house. Afterward, we headed Isabela via bus.

We traveled for 8 hours with two stop-overs before reaching Cauayan, Isabela and had our stay at Ocho Rios Hotel. We had our dinner at the near carinderia. I heard that food in this place is inexpensive. And I have to agree, our dinner cost only 180 pesos for the two of us.

The following day, we have to do our work to audit several rice mills. There is information that I learned on this audit.

First, commercial rice sold in the market are all the same. If you heard of Dinorado, Sinandomeng, Jollibee and other name of rice differs only by the percentage of whole grain.

Second, brown rice is also of the same with commercial rice. This kind of rice is the product of the first step in rice milling – the dehulling. After the skin of paly has been removed, brown rice is the output. This is healthier since the bran is still intact which contributes fiber in the rice.

Third, to attain white rice, the grains passes three steps of a whitening procedure. It will then pass through a polishing step where water is sprayed to give a glossy finish to the grains.

Fourth, there are certain customers that like to have the rice came from at least 3-month old palay. This rice is best used for fried rice since it has. The younger the age of palay, the stickier the rice.

After the visiting the rice mills, we need to go back to Bulacan so we don’t have time for leisure. All I got is this picture while waiting for the bus in front of the Provincial Capitol Building.

We reached Nueva Ecija around 11pm. I just get the car and drive going back to Bulacan.

To fight sleepiness, I had to set the car in full volume. At that time, we were listening to a radio station where the DJs sing live accompanied by guitar. I guess that will be better if used drums are added to give more beat to the music.

Have you been to Isabela too?