June 2, 2016

These Past Weeks...

These past weeks, I have been in a stage where I don’t have the drive to write even a single word on this blog. If it is not for a paid post, I haven’t updated my blog.

These past few weeks, I am losing my motivation to write.I know there are lots of thoughts and ideas but my brain cells seem hibernating.

These past weeks, there are lots of happenings that, I think, great to share but I cannot find the first word to start. The keyboard and the computer are staring at me waiting for my fingers to press the first letter.

These past weeks I have seen movies and other TV series that are worthy of catching the interest of others and may be hooked too but I won’t find the willingness to make a post on it.

Have you experienced the same situation?
What motivation did you use to get back in writing and maintaining your blog?